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We make quality visible!

We make quality visible!

The service company BEYER 3D GmbH founded in 2009 is
Your service partner in the field of industrial 3D measurement technology.


We are your service company in the field of industrial 3D measurement technology. Together with our team and the highly accurate GOM measuring systems from ZEISS, we provide you with precise three-dimensional measurement data and reliable measurement reports for product development and series production.

Quality assurance

Initial sample inspection reports (EMPB) according to VDA, target/actual comparisons and series measurements – all from a single source.

Optical 3D Digitizing

BEYER 3D GmbH will be happy to support you in all topics related to optical 3D digitization

Reverse engineering / construction

We offer highly accurate reverse engineering and CAD designs quickly and highly efficiently

Why should you choose us?

High know-how in special industries and absolute flexibility. Our way of working is as flexible as our quality control technology. You decide whether you bring your components to us or whether we come to your company with employees and state-of-the-art equipment from GOM and perform a mobile measurement there.

Our team

Stefan Beyer
Stefan BeyerFounder & Managing Director
Arno Schreiber
Arno Schreiber3D metrology and reverse engineering
Nils Osterhues
Nils OsterhuesTechnical product design


WHAT TECHNOLOGY DO YOU USE?2023-09-04T10:17:38+02:00

The consistent use of software and hardware from one manufacturer ensures fast and smooth production processes.

As a service provider for 3D measurement and 3D digitization, we rely on GOM products such as the ATOS III Triple Scan and ATOS probes for tactile measurements.

In the area of software, we use programs from the leading manufacturers Tebis and SolidWorks. For more than 30 years, Tebis has been ensuring the most economical processes in mold, die and model making and industrial design.

Furthermore, the efficient operation is ensured by the use of Tebis software in mechanical and plant engineering.

As the market leader, SolidWorks enables optimal collaboration between designers and engineers. With SolidWorks, we ensure cross-discipline design, testing, and the corresponding data management at the highest level.

Hardware and software from the leading manufacturers as well as appropriately trained and qualified employees ensure optimal work results.

WHAT SERVICES DO YOU OFFER?2016-02-28T17:59:02+01:00

You will receive the following services from a single source:

  • 3D digitization of your workpieces
  • Quality control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Construction

We appoint a project manager for the entire process, so you always have a contact person who understands you and knows exactly what you want and need after a few orders.

WHICH INDUSTRIES DO YOU WORK FOR?2016-02-28T17:57:11+01:00

Our customers include vendors from the following sectors:

  • Model making
  • Product Designer
  • Foundries
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft industry

We are at home in these industries, but we would also be happy to familiarize ourselves with your industry if it does not belong to the aforementioned industries.

WHAT REFERENCES DO YOU HAVE?2016-02-28T00:31:42+01:00

We perform 3D measurements, design work, for numerous customers in the industries of model making, mechanical engineering, product designers, foundries, automotive and the aircraft industry. We will be happy to provide you with detailed references in a personal meeting.

HOW BIG CAN OUR WORKPIECES BE?2023-09-04T10:17:38+02:00

Basically, the products can be the size of a pin to the size of a jumbo jet. For smaller objects, shipping or delivery to BEYER3D is recommended. For very large workpieces you can use our mobile quality control. We come to your plant with well-trained staff and the complete equipment, for example the ATOS III Triple Scan.

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