CAD / Construction

In contrast to reverse engineering, the scanned data is not transferred 1:1 during design, but corrected manually. For this work, we use programs from the leading manufacturers Tebis and SolidWorks. For more than 30 years, Tebis has been guaranteeing the most economical processes in many areas, such as mechanical and plant engineering as well as mold, die and model making and industrial design. SolidWorks enables optimal collaboration between designers and engineers. With SolidWorks, we ensure cross-discipline design, testing, and the corresponding data management at the highest level.

Your advantage

Unevenness and damage in the determined data are corrected. In this way, the newly manufactured component is restored to its exact, original dimensions. The application of this technique is particularly suitable if the corresponding components show signs of wear, e.g. due to abrasion. Hardware and software from the leading manufacturers GOM, Tebis and SolidWorks as well as appropriately trained and qualified employees guarantee optimal work results.