The consistent use of software and hardware from one manufacturer ensures fast and smooth production processes.

As a service provider for 3D measurement and 3D digitization, we rely on GOM products such as the ATOS III Triple Scan and ATOS probes for tactile measurements.

In the area of software, we use programs from the leading manufacturers Tebis and SolidWorks. For more than 30 years, Tebis has been ensuring the most economical processes in mold, die and model making and industrial design.

Furthermore, the efficient operation is ensured by the use of Tebis software in mechanical and plant engineering.

As the market leader, SolidWorks enables optimal collaboration between designers and engineers. With SolidWorks, we ensure cross-discipline design, testing, and the corresponding data management at the highest level.

Hardware and software from the leading manufacturers as well as appropriately trained and qualified employees ensure optimal work results.